The start of Ramadan and the new Moon

The question of the new moon is the subject of differences between scientists.

Ramadan and the crescent moon - Opinion n ° 1

Some believe that the moment the new moon of the month of Ramadan is observed in a place governed by the Sharī'ah, all Muslims must fast; and from the moment when the new moon of the month of Shawwâl is observed, they must break the fast. This opinion is known as part of the rite of Imam Ahmed. This means that, if the observation is made by Saudi Arabia, Muslims around the world must fast and break the fast together. This view is based on the general rule in the word the Quran, or Allah says:

{ (The) month (of) Ramadan , which the Koran was descended in it, (is) guidance to the people, and evidences from the guidance and the Separator of Right and Wrong/Koran , so who witnessed from you the month, so he should fast it (E) , and who was sick/diseased or on (a) journey/trip/voyage, so numbered/counted from other days. God wills/wants with you the ease/flexibility and does not want with you the difficulty/hardship , and to complete the term , and to greaten/magnify God on what He guided you, and maybe you thank/be grateful . } [Surah 2, al Baqara - Verse 185]

This first opinion is also based on the general rule drawn from the words of the prophet (sallallahu 'alayhi wa sallam) " If you l 'observe then fast and if you observe it then break. "

Ramadan and the new moon - Opinion n ° 2

Another group of scholars rather believe that if the places of appearance of the new moon differ from one place to another, it is mandatory that it be judged throughout the country based on its observation .

In this case, the countries which share the same places of appearance of the new moon must therefore fast together. This point of view is that of Sheikh Ibn Taymiyya, who bases himself on the same evidence as the opinion cited above, but his interpretation is different. The judgment only holds if there is a witness and an observer. So one cannot impose judgment on one who does not witness it and on one who does not observe it. This means that if the places of appearance of the new moon are different, the judgments concerning the new moon should not be taken as a general obligation for Muslims.

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