Ramadan Quran

Ramadan is the month of the Quran

The greatest blessing of Allah is that of faith and the Quran: faith is the light of hearts and eyes (discernment); just as it is the soul of man, his existence, his honor, his glory and his dignity. There is no good in a human being without faith. The Quran is the guide and the light. He calls for all that is good and forbids all that is bad. It is the food of souls and it purifies them. The Quran contains all that is lawful and that which is illicit, it contains the details of the legislation, it governs this world and the other. Whoever clings to the Quran, Allah guides him to the best situations. On the other hand, whoever abandons it loses.

{ That truly this the Koran guides to which it is more just/direct , and it announced good news (to) the believers, those who make/do the correct/righteous deeds, that (E) for them (is) a great reward . } [Surah 17, al Isra - Verse 9]

{ He said: "You (B) descend/drop from it all together , some of you to some (you are to each other) an enemy, so when guidance from Me comes to you, so who followed My guidance, so he does not become misguided and nor become miserable/unhappy.And who objected/turned away from My remembrance/reminder, so then for him (is a) narrow tight/weak life/livelihood , and We gather him (on) the Resurrection Day blind/confused . } [Surah 20, Ta-Ha - Verses 123 à 124]

Ibn Abbas (radiallahu 'anhu) said: "Allah has guaranteed to him who puts the Quran in practice not to be lost in this world and not to be miserable in the other world. "

The Quran is the miracle of our prophet Mouhammed (sallallahu 'alayhi wa sallam) . Allah addresses generations of humans until the day of judgment. It contains a lot of evidence to convince human beings to follow the truth and fully submit to the Lord of the Universe. According to Abou Houreyra (radiallahu 'anhu) , The prophet (sallallahu' alayhi wa sallam) said: " Every prophet who was sent, had evidence that people believed; and me, what I got is a revelation; therefore, I hope to be The prophet who will have the greatest number of people who will follow him. " [Reported by al Bukhari]

Men and jinn will never be able to bring a book like this eternal miracle that is the Quran; even if the first among them and the last gathered to bring a word like the miracle of the Quran, they would never succeed, Allah said:

{ Say: "If (E) the human/mankind and the Jinns gathered/unified on that (E) they come with similar/equal/alike (to) this the Koran, they do not come with similar/equal/alike to it, and even if some of them were to some, (were to each other) supporting/helping." } [Surah 17, al Isra - Verse 88]

{ Or they say: "He fabricated/cut and split it." Say: "So come or bring with ten chapters of the Koran similar/equal/alike to it fabricated , and call whom you were able from other than God if you were truthful." } [Surah 11, Houd - Verse 13]

And finally, Allah asked them to bring a single chapter similar to the Quran, and they did not succeed either, Allah said:

{If you have any doubt about what We have brought down on our slave (servant), therefore bring a chapter of its kind and call on your witnesses other than Allah if you are truthful. If you do not do it and you will never do it, then fear the Furnace whose fuel is humans and stones, and which has been specially fitted out for negators}

{ And if you were in doubt/suspicion from what We descended on Our worshipper/slave , so come/bring with a chapter from its similar/equal/alike to it, and call your witnesses/testifiers from other than God, if you were truthful.So if you do not make/do and you will never make/do, so fear the fire, that/which its fuel (is) the people and the stones, (it) was/is prepared to the disbelievers. } [Surah 2, al Baqara - Verses 23 à 24]

Allah brought down the Quran as a miracle out of mercy from Allah towards his servants so that they would know that the Quran is the word of Allah, that he is the truthful God and that Muhammad is a true messenger of Allah, because the Quran is the greatest proof that indicates to us the qualities of our Lord, Allah said:

{ Those are God`s evidences/signs/verses, We read/recite it on (to) you with the truth . With which information/speech after God and His verses/evidences/signs (do) they believe? } [Surah 45, al Jathiya - Verse 6]

Therefore, whoever does not believe in the Quran and its miracle, the miracles (of the prophet) and the sight of the signs will be of no use to him, just as the miracle of the Quran in its magnificent organization, its laws fulfilled of wisdom, its evidence on the laws of the universe and the secrets of creation, its teachings for human society, the truthfulness of what it announces about the past and the future, its lofty goals, and the miracle of Quran concerning the complete education of the man in all the fields.

We must have the qualities to which the Quran has called us by obeying its orders, by moving away from what it has prohibited, by doing what is lawful, by forbidding ourselves from what is prohibited (unlawful), putting the Quran into practice and having faith in it; and the Quran does not bear fruit in man unless the soul is prepared to accept it, if the heart is opened to receive its lights and if the members are filled with fear and demeaning on hearing his incitement to good, his prohibitions from evil, his promises and threats, Allah said:

{ God descended the information`s/speech`s best , a Book looking alike/resembling/ similar doubles of twos Koranic verses , (the) skins (of) those who fear their Lord tremble/shiver from it, then their skins and their hearts/minds soften to God`s remembrance/reminder, that (is) God`s guidance, He guides with it whom He wills/wants, and who God misguides so (there is) none from a guide for him. } [Surah 39, az-Zoumar - Verse 23]

And the auspicious period helps so that the soul of man is influenced (or moved) by the Quran, just as it increases the good guidance of the Muslim and his light; and the month of Ramadan is the best time to read the Quran and to be influenced by it because the Quran is nourishment for the soul and the influence of the soul which orders evil decreases on the body. While fasting, the soul rises and strengthens with the food of the Quran; therefore, the Muslim benefits a lot from the Quran and takes pleasure in reading it because it is the food and the life of his soul; the Quran is like the beneficial rain, the soul like the earth and the month of Ramadan like the auspicious period for the descent of the rain which makes the fruits of the earth grow.

According to Abu Moussa Al-Ach'ari the Messenger of Allah (sallallahu 'alayhi wa sallam) said: "The example of guidance and science with which Allah sent me, is like a rain that fell on a ground; there was a good part on this earth that accepted water, so a lot of grass grew there; and there were arid places that held the water, Allah made people benefit, so they drank it, watered the animals and cultivated; and another part of the earth did not hold water or grow grass; this is the example of one who learned about the religion of Allah and took advantage of what Allah sent me with; therefore, he knew (learned) and taught, and the example of one who did not profit from it and did not accept the guidance of Allah with which I was sent. ” [Reported by al Bukhari and Muslim.]

During the month of the Quran, we must increase the reading of the Book of Allah, reflecting on the meaning of its verses and understanding them, and putting the Quran into practice, because the pious predecessors devoted themselves to the Quran reading during this month, and their languages ​​kept invoking Allah, some of them finished reading the Quran in 7 days, others in 3 days and others in one night. And whoever puts the Quran into practice is one of the people of the Quran even if he has not memorized it, and whoever does not put it into practice is not one of the people of the Quran even if he does memorized; and that he who has learned only part of the Quran, read what he has learned and repeat it.

Allah, by His mercy, His agility, His infinite science and his power, has indicated to us the best months, the honorable nights and days as well as the blessed hours so that we can redouble our efforts during these times: accomplish the good deeds that Allah has prescribed, obtain the blessings and blessings of our Lord. Whoever knocks on the door of his Lord with sincerity and following the Sunnah, Allah will undoubtedly open the doors of His mercy to him.

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