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Dates of Ramadan 2021 - 1442

This year, the month of Ramadan 2021 will start on Friday, April 24 insh Allah. According to astronomical calculations, this month of youth will count 30 days. That said, it may be necessary to fast 29 days, wherever the month of Ramadan begins on Thursday, April 23. The feast of aid el fitr will take place on Sunday May 24, or Saturday May 23 insha Allah. You will find below a summary of the start and end dates of Ramadan as well as the important moments of this blessed month.

When does Ramadan begin this year ?

  • Start : monday 6 May 2021
  • End (aid el fitr) : thursday 4 June 2021
  • Last 10 days : from saturday 25 May
  • First night of the last 10 days : friday 24 May (evening)
  • Odd nights : sat. 25, mon. 27, wed. 29, friday 31 and sunday 2 June (evenings)

Imsak, iftar, breaking the fast

On our calendars, there is no Imsak column. This choice follows the responses of scholars on this issue, as al 'Outheymine and Albani to name but one. It is therefore permissible to eat until the call to prayer of al fajr. No need to abstain 10 or 15 min before for fear of eating and getting surprised by the adhan. On the contrary, the longer you delay the souhour, the better. As for the rupture of siyam Ramadan (and outside), it is the reverse, as soon as you break the siyam, the better it will be. It is therefore best to avoid praying al maghrib before the time of the iftar. The logical order is to break the fasting by dates, water or milk, to pray and then to eat.

Ramadan Timetable

The duration of daily fasting depends on the number of hours between fajr and sunset (maghrib). In summer, the days are longer, so the state of fasting lasts longer. On the other hand, the nights are very short. Conversely in winter, fasting Ramadan is very easy, while night watches last longer.

Here are the different countries for which we propose the calendar of the month of Ramadhan. Ramadan calendars are sorted by continent. Click on your country and choose your city. Then you can adjust the settings if necessary, such as changing the calculation angle of fajr or isha according to your location.

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Ramadan Calendar Asia

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Ramadan in Europe

This year, the Nordic countries will have the longest fasting days. Denmark will have 21 hours of fasting, and Sweden, Iceland and Norway 20 hours of fasting. Muslims in the Netherlands and Belgium will be able to fast for 18 hours, while those who observe Ramadan in Spain, France or Germany will fast on average for 16 hours.

Ramadan in Africa and the Middle East

The Middle East and North Africa region will experience slightly shorter hours of fasting than those in Europe. The day of Ramadan lasts from 14 to 15 hours in Kuwait, Iraq, Jordan, Algeria, Morocco, Libya and Sudan, for 15 hours in the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

Ramadan in Asia and Oceania

In Asia, most Muslims will fast for 14 to 16 hours. Pakistan and Bangladesh 15 hours, while India will fast 14 hours. The fasting period of Australia is short with only 11 hours.

Ramadan in North America / South and the Caribbean

Muslims in the United States and Canada will fast for 16 to 19 hours. In Brazil, it will be much shorter with 11 hours, and even less for the Argentineans and Chileans with 9:30, the fastest fasting time of Ramadan.

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