The Arrival of Ramadan Month

How to prepare for Ramadan?

Allah dit :

{ (The) month (of) Ramadan , which the Koran was descended in it, (is) guidance to the people, and evidences from the guidance and the Separator of Right and Wrong/Koran , so who witnessed from you the month, so he should fast it (E) , and who was sick/diseased or on (a) journey/trip/voyage, so numbered/counted from other days. God wills/wants with you the ease/flexibility and does not want with you the difficulty/hardship , and to complete the term , and to greaten/magnify God on what He guided you, and maybe you thank/be grateful . } [Surah 2, al Baqara - Verse 185]

The month of Ramadan is a blessed month. His arrival is a great opportunity to do good, increase your good deeds, devote yourself entirely to Allah. This month of Ramadan is exceptional. Good works are multiplied there, the doors of Paradise are open and those of Hell are closed. During this blessed month, Allah accepts the repentance of sinners.

So don't forget to thank Allah for this blessing He has bestowed on us. Take full advantage of this sacred month and its intense emotional moments by nourishing it with acts of piety and by definitively abandoning the purple actions. Only in this way will you be happy in your life and in the hereafter. It may be our last month of Ramadan ... Only Allah knows.

In reality, all months of the year must be months of devotion, we must obey Allah all of our lives. What we mean by that is that our desire to go to Allah must be even stronger when the month of Ramadan arrives. In addition, Allah by His infinite Generosity, gives fasters an immense reward during the month of Ramadan. Their good works are widely rewarded.

What to do when the month of Ramadan arrives?

The arrival of the month of Ramadan begins with a questioning of oneself to note his negligence in obedience to Allah and the recommendations of the prophet (sallallahu 'alayhi wa sallam) . Ramadan must serve as a springboard for the Muslim to start again because faith increases or decreases, it cannot stagnate. Obedience increases faith while disobedience makes it weak.

To increase your faith, you must serve Allah with sincere bondage, that is, for only for Allah. You must be realizing that Allah is the only one who deserves to be worshiped. You must also realize that everything that happens to us had to happen and everything that has avoided us has to avoid us because everything has already been determined by Allah. The case is already closed.

Before receiving Ramadan, the Muslim must also be aware of his negligence in his acts such as performing group prayer or good behavior towards people, whether they are Muslim or not. The same goes for the recommendation of good, the prohibition of evil, the abandonment of acts that do not please Allah as well as patience in the decrees of Allah the Mighty and the Wise.

My brother, take advantage of this month to strive to put an end to the looks of women, and vice versa for you my sister. The faithful must also definitively abandon listening to music and open their hearts to the words of Allah.

Whatever the size of our sins, we must not despair of the Mercy of Allah because we must not forget that Allah extends his hand during the day to allow sinners of the night to repent and extends his hand to night to allow day sinners to repent.

Allah says:

{ And quicken/speed to a forgiveness from your Lord and a treed garden/paradise, its width (is) the skies/space and the earth/Planet Earth, (it) was/is prepared to the fearing and obeying.Those who spend in the prosperity, and (in) the calamity, and the suppressing the anger/rage , and the forgiving/pardoning on the people, and God loves/likes the good doers .And those who if they made/did an enormous/atrocious deed , they caused injustice (to) themselves, they mentioned/remembered God, so they asked for forgiveness for their crimes, and who forgives the crimes except God? And they did not insist/persist on what they made/did, and they know .Those, their reward (is) forgiveness from their Lord, and treed gardens, the rivers flow from underneath it, immortally in it, and blessed/praised (is) the makers`/doers` reward. } [Surah 3, al 'Imran - Verses 133 à 136]

Allah also says :

{ And who does bad/evil/harm or causes injustice (to) himself then he asks for forgiveness (from) God, he finds God a forgiver, merciful. } [Surah 4, an-Nisa - Verse 110]

And in another verse:

{ Say: "You my worshippers/slaves those who neglected/ignored on themselves, do not despair from God`s mercy, that truly God forgives the crimes all/all together, that truly He is the forgiving, the merciful." } [Surah 39, az-Zoumar - Verse 53]

It is in this state of mind that you must welcome the month of Ramadan, in this humility, this desire to repent and to implore the forgiveness of Allah. Get closer to Allah by multiplying prayers, reading the Quran, forgiving people, beneficence in your family, visiting the sick and giving alms. Again, the month of Ramadan is an occasion that only happens once a year.

Why is Ramadan the best of months?

1. The month of Ramadan includes the best night of the year: Laylatoul Qadr. Allah informs us about it when He says:

{ We (E) descended it in the predestined/destiny night .474And what made you know/informed you what the predestined/destiny night (is)?The predestined/destiny night (is) better than one thousand month (lunar months).The angels descend and the Soul/Spirit in it, by their Lord`s permission/pardon from every matter/affair.Security/peace it is until the dawn`s ascent/rising . } [Surah 97, al Qadr - Verses 1 à 5]

Praying throughout the night of Destiny is like praying for more than 1000 months. If the Muslim spends this night in acts of worship, it is as if he spent more than 83 years in acts of worship. Allahu Akbar.

2. It was during this month that the Quran was revealed to the prophet (sallallahu 'alayhi wa sallam) :

{ That We, We descended it in a blessed night, that We, We were warners/givers of notice.In it every/each wise/judicious matter/affair is separated.A matter/affair/order/command from at Us, that We were senders/sending. } [Surah 44, ad-Doukhan - Verses 3 à 5]

In al-Mu'djam al-Kabir, at-Tabarani reports from Ahmad, from Wailah ibn al-Asqu'a (radiallahu 'anhu) the prophet (sallallahu 'alayhi wa sallam) said:" Ibrahim's leaves were revealed during the first night of Ramadan, Torah at the sixth night of the month and the Quran at the twenty-fourth. " [declared good in as-Silsila as-Sahihi, 1575]

3. During the month of Ramadan, the gates of Heaven are opened, the gates of Hell are closed and the demons are chained. At-Tirmidhi, Ibn Madja and Ibn Khouzayma reported from the prophet (sallallahu 'alayhi wa sallam) :" From the first night of Ramadan, the demons and the most evil of the jinn are chained, the gates of Hell are all closed and those of Paradise all open. We will thus call:" Ô seeker of good, Advance. O seeker of evil, go back."And, every night, Allah sets people free from Hell . » [declared good by Al-Albani in Sahih al-Djami 759]

Brothers and sisters often wonder why people do evil during the month of Ramadan if the demons are chained. The answer is simple. You should know that the chayatins (demons) represent only a part of the jinn, namely the descendants of Iblis. The jinns and ifrits are not attached. A jinn can be bad without being a chaytan. Also, evils and sins can also be committed by bad souls, bad habits where the devils among humans (chayatinou al ins)

4. This month of Ramadan contains many acts which are exclusive to him: fasting, night prayers, reading of the Quran, pious retreat (i'tikaf), alms (sadaqat), distribution of food, meals with family or brother at the mosque.

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