parenting in islam nurturing the next generation

Parenting in Islam: Nurturing the Next Generation

As Muslims, we understand that parenting is one of the most important responsibilities we have. Raising a child in accordance with the teachings of Islam is not only an act of worship but also a way to contribute to the betterment of society. The next generation will carry our legacy … [lire la suite]

how to be respectful to your parents

How to Be Respectful to Your Parents

Respect is a fundamental aspect of Muslim culture and is highly emphasized in Islam. One of the most significant relationships that require the utmost respect is the one between a child and their parents. As a Muslim, it is essential to know the significance of being respectful towards parents, as … [lire la suite]

responsive parenting in islam

Responsive Parenting in Islam

Responsive parenting, also known as attachment parenting, is a parenting style that emphasizes the importance of building a strong emotional bond with your child. In Islam, the concept of responsive parenting is supported by the teachings of the Qur’an and the example set by the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon … [lire la suite]

how to co regulate with your child

How to Co-Regulate with Your Child

Co-regulation is using your nervous system to regulate someone else’s, in this case, your child. The biggest sensory tool you have to offer is yourself. You will notice the majority of these strategies involve using your body and yourself as sensory tools. They involve no fancy equipment or toys, just … [lire la suite]

how to deal with toxic parents islamic perspective

How to Deal with Toxic Parents – Islamic Perspective

Toxic parent-child relationships can be emotionally and mentally challenging, affecting one’s overall well-being. In Islam, the family unit holds great significance, and maintaining healthy relationships, especially with parents, is emphasized. This article explores the Islamic perspective on dealing with toxic parents, offering insights and guidance for those facing such difficulties. … [lire la suite]

the influence of muslim fathers on daughters

The Influence of Muslim Fathers on Daughters

As children, they experience many events and interactions with different people. All those individuals, events, and experiences play an integral role in a child’s emotional and social development. However, one primary factor is the relationship a child experiences with his parents. It holds immense importance in a child’s life and … [lire la suite]

the art of letting go how you can help your kids cope with death and grief

The Art of Letting Go – How You Can Help Your Kids Cope With Death and Grief

Kids generally know death as they watch cartoon movies or TV shows. Death is a reality of life, but when kids go through a loved one’s loss, it becomes challenging to manage their emotions. As parents, what is the art of letting go, and how you can help your kids … [lire la suite]

your children should connect with nature here is why

Your Children Should Connect with Nature, Here is Why

Nature is therapeutic, not only for adults but for children as well. Many of us have fond memories of spending time outdoors, in nature. We climbed trees, played in the rain and mud, and collected pebbles. Did we ever wonder how these fun activities helped us shape our brains, bodies, … [lire la suite]

how to teach your kids about dhul hijjah

How to Teach Your Kids About Dhul Hijjah

The sacred month of Dhul Hijjah is almost here, associated with the Holy pilgrimage, Hajj. It is the month whose significance doubles not only due to Hajj but also because it is the ideal time to maximize our ibadah, pay more attention to sacrifice, and perform good deeds. Being a … [lire la suite]

7 effective tips on how to raise successful kids according to islam

7 Effective Tips on How to Raise Successful Kids According to Islam

We all wish to see our children succeed. Success has different meanings for different individuals. Studies prove that successful children have had mindfulness and intelligent parenting involved. Let’s read more and learn seven (7) effective tips on how to raise successful kids according to Islam. 7 Effective Tips on How … [lire la suite]

how should you develop social and emotional skills in muslim kids

How should you develop social and emotional skills in Muslim kids?

‘Allah is one who created you from weakness, then made after weakness strength, then made after strength weakness and white hair. He creates, what He wills, and He is knowing, the competent.’ [Al Rum: 45] Childhood is the best phase of human life. It’s the time when children develop social and … [lire la suite]

how to be a mindful mother islamic insights on mindfulness in motherhood

How To Be A Mindful Mother: Islamic Insights On Mindfulness In Motherhood

Motherhood is difficult. If you are having a hard time taking care of your baby and have found yourself asking, what almost all mothers ask themselves more often than not, am I a good mom? Am I raising my child right? Know that with all the responsibilities you have, it … [lire la suite]

7 principles of responsive parenting in 2022

7 Principles of Responsive Parenting in 2022

What is Responsive Parenting? Parents influence a child’s life and overall development, be it mental, physical, or emotional. Hence a great responsibility lies on parents to provide their kids with a good upbringing, a safe environment, a strong knowledge of faith and religion besides good education. This article will help … [lire la suite]