Women Companions of the Prophet (PBUH): Al-Shifa bint Abdullah

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women companions of the prophet pbuh al shifa bint abdullah

Women Companions of the Prophet (PBUH): Al-Shifa bint Abdullah

The beloved Prophet of Allah, Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa (peace and blessing be upon him), had several faithful companions who helped him on all fronts for the propagation of Islam. Among the women companions of the Prophet (PBUH), Al-Shifa bint Abdullah (RA) was one of the first Muslims whose name is … [lire la suite]

the art of letting go how you can help your kids cope with death and grief

The Art of Letting Go – How You Can Help Your Kids Cope With Death and Grief

Kids generally know death as they watch cartoon movies or TV shows. Death is a reality of life, but when kids go through a loved one’s loss, it becomes challenging to manage their emotions. As parents, what is the art of letting go, and how you can help your kids … [lire la suite]

slow living explained from an islamic perspective

Slow Living Explained From an Islamic Perspective

Globalization and the Western hustle culture have acquired many of our lives over the years. Ever since the pandemic, many lifestyle trends have boomed up, and slow living has gained significant importance with time. In this blog, we will understand it in depth and learn how slow living is explained … [lire la suite]

who chief worried about new covid 19 wave

WHO Chief Worried about New COVID-19 Wave

On Tuesday, July 12, the head of the World Head Organization expressed concern that coronavirus cases and deaths are climbing, while monkeypox is also rising. So far, there have been nine thousand two hundred cases of monkeypox reported in sixty-three countries. « New waves of the virus demonstrate that Covid-19 is … [lire la suite]

companions of prophet muhammad pbuh abu ayub al ansari

Companions of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH): Abu Ayub Al Ansari

This individual was one of the outstanding Ansaar (helpers) of the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) and a man who indeed welcomed the Holy Messenger (PBUH) and his family to his house for months. He attained martyrdom; today, his grave is found in Istanbul, Turkey. In this … [lire la suite]

your children should connect with nature here is why

Your Children Should Connect with Nature, Here is Why

Nature is therapeutic, not only for adults but for children as well. Many of us have fond memories of spending time outdoors, in nature. We climbed trees, played in the rain and mud, and collected pebbles. Did we ever wonder how these fun activities helped us shape our brains, bodies, … [lire la suite]

growth mindset vs fixed mindset how to know what yours is

Growth Mindset Vs. Fixed Mindset – How to Know What Yours Is

You are right if you think your thoughts and capabilities matter the most in transforming your life. Our perception of our talents and abilities shapes our mood; it can also influence our accomplishments, whether we adopt new habits or try new skills. This subject discusses growth versus a fixed mindset … [lire la suite]

french courts ban on burkini sparks a debate

French court’s ban on burkini sparks a debate

French court’s ban on the burkini, a head-to-toe swimsuit, at public pools in the French city of Grenoble sparks a debate as it impacts all women, not just Muslim women, The Wall Street Journal reported. French Muslim women often experience obstacles accessing public places due to obligations to exhibit their … [lire la suite]

companions of the prophet muhammad pbuh khawlah bint thalabah

Companions of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH): Khawlah Bint Tha’labah

Modern pubic debates have a couple of new terms, « social justice, » « activism, » « feminism, » etc., which date back to fourteen years ago. In essence, the beloved Messenger of Allah, Muhammad (PBUH), and the sacred Book, al-Qur’an, brought the message of enforcing justice and social reforms to eliminate the centuries-old ignorant and … [lire la suite]

how to teach your kids about dhul hijjah

How to Teach Your Kids About Dhul Hijjah

The sacred month of Dhul Hijjah is almost here, associated with the Holy pilgrimage, Hajj. It is the month whose significance doubles not only due to Hajj but also because it is the ideal time to maximize our ibadah, pay more attention to sacrifice, and perform good deeds. Being a … [lire la suite]

mental health what does islam say about it

Mental Health: What does Islam say about it

Mental Health, as a stigma and an illness, has become an alarming concern worldwide. Thanks to the internet, several conversations have started around this subject, and people are open to discussing it based on their views and experiences. What is mental health, and what does Islam say about it; we … [lire la suite]

deadly earthquake hits afghanistan claiming more than 1000 lives officials say

Deadly earthquake hits Afghanistan claiming more than 1000 lives, officials say

Officials said that a powerful earthquake jolted the southern provinces of Afghanistan near the border with Pakistan on Wednesday, topping 6.1 magnitudes and claiming more than 1000 lives. Helicopter evacuates injured after massive quake left people stranded and homeless. Afghans desperately need foreign aid and struggle to have necessities under … [lire la suite]

companions of the prophet muhammad pbuh salman al farsi

Companions of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH): Salman al-Farsi

The early advent of Islam witnessed the contributions of many prominent personalities who entered into the fold of Islam and served it till their last breath by all means. Salman al-Farsi was one such pious, mystic, and loyal companion of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). This article discusses the early life, … [lire la suite]

7 effective tips on how to raise successful kids according to islam

7 Effective Tips on How to Raise Successful Kids According to Islam

We all wish to see our children succeed. Success has different meanings for different individuals. Studies prove that successful children have had mindfulness and intelligent parenting involved. Let’s read more and learn seven (7) effective tips on how to raise successful kids according to Islam. 7 Effective Tips on How … [lire la suite]

islamophobia a growing concern for the muslim community worldwide

Islamophobia: a growing concern for the Muslim community worldwide

A recent survey revealed that Muslims worldwide experience anti-Muslim bigotry at their workplace. The survey, published lately and commissioned by Hyphen, showed that 70% of the working Muslims face indiscrimination. Hyphen, a recently opened digital publication, talks on matters crucial to Muslims in the UK and Europe. Almost 44 percent … [lire la suite]

5 best rewards for performing tahajjud prayers

5 Best Rewards for Performing Tahajjud prayers

Allah (SWT) created this magnificent universe and left signs for His creatures to ponder and worship Him for His majesty and magnificence. The Almighty Lord created human beings as the most eminent form of creations, also called, Ashraf’ul’makhlooqaat.’ Whereas, among humankind, He calls the Muslims towards the path of light … [lire la suite]

votre mouton de laid al adha avec kebchi

Votre mouton de l’aid al Adha avec Kebchi

Pour les musulmans du monde entier, le jour de l’Aïd el Adha est un jour de fête. Il est célébré en l’honneur du prophète Ibrahim alayhi assalam, qui a accepté de sacrifier son fils Ismaël à la demande d’Allah Le Très Haut.  L’histoire du prophète Ibrahim est un exemple pour … [lire la suite]

women companions of the prophet pbuh umm salamah

Women Companions of the Prophet (PBUH): Umm Salamah

To understand a person better, you need to know who influences them the most. Taking a closer look at the life of one of the women companions of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), Umm Salamah, we shall revisit the history pages to learn about this great lady. Islamic … [lire la suite]

how should you develop social and emotional skills in muslim kids

How should you develop social and emotional skills in Muslim kids?

‘Allah is one who created you from weakness, then made after weakness strength, then made after strength weakness and white hair. He creates, what He wills, and He is knowing, the competent.’ [Al Rum: 45] Childhood is the best phase of human life. It’s the time when children develop social and … [lire la suite]

minimalism in islam how to live with less

Minimalism in Islam: How to live with less

What is Minimalism? Simplicity, clarity, singleness: These are the attributes that give our lives power and vividness and joy as they are also the marks of great art. — Richard Holloway Minimalism, in simple terms, means living with less. It is an alternative to consumerism and a subtle concept to … [lire la suite]

ruwa romman an inspiring muslim woman ran for office in georgia

Ruwa Romman: An Inspiring Muslim woman ran for office in Georgia

Rowa Romman, Community leader and organizer, became the first Muslim woman that had run for office in Georgia. Not only did she run, but the proud Georgian woman won the primary for Georgia’s 97th State House District, The Story Exchange reported. She won both counties and held a 318 vote … [lire la suite]

companions of the prophet pbuh hazrat abu dharr ghifari

Companions of the Prophet (PBUH): Hazrat Abu Dharr Ghifari

Among the companions of the Prophet (PBUH), Abu Dharr Ghifari, named Jundub ibn Junadah was associated with the Ghifar tribe. He is known as a courageous, far-sighted, and loyal companion of the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) who sacrificed his life to defend Islam from all kinds … [lire la suite]

five 5 inspiring attributes of a muslim father

Five (5) Inspiring Attributes of a Muslim father

As a male parent, do you often feel that mothers take all the limelight in parenting; and the recognition and acknowledgment go to mothers alone? If your response is a yes, then we hear you. This article will discuss five (5) inspiring attributes of a Muslim father and how fathers … [lire la suite]

is gratitude the secret to happiness teachings from the quran and sunnah

Is Gratitude the secret to happiness: Teachings from the Quran and Sunnah

Did you say Alhamdulillah today? We all possess this habit of saying thanks to The Almighty, but what does it mean to say Shukr or be grateful? Is gratitude the secret to happiness in the modern world? We will explore the elements of gratitude and what the Quran and Sunnah … [lire la suite]

texas muslim community leaders addressed mental health at a conference

Texas: Muslim Community Leaders addressed Mental Health at a Conference

Muslim community leaders addressed mental health at a conference in Sugarland, Texas, Houston Chronicle reported on May 14, 2022. This event turned out to be a one-of-its-kind conference as the often-tabooed topic of mental health received due highlights. Mental Health Awareness Week happened from 9 to 15 May 2022, with … [lire la suite]

women companions of the prophet pbuh nusaybah bint kaab

Women Companions of the Prophet (PBUH): Nusaybah bint Ka’ab

In today’s world, when Muslim women have been under a strict radar regarding their religious, social, and emotional practices, they tend to look for role models and specific influential figures in history whom they can follow. If we conduct thorough research, we will find sufficient inspiring women who proved their … [lire la suite]

how to be a mindful mother islamic insights on mindfulness in motherhood

How To Be A Mindful Mother: Islamic Insights On Mindfulness In Motherhood

Motherhood is difficult. If you are having a hard time taking care of your baby and have found yourself asking, what almost all mothers ask themselves more often than not, am I a good mom? Am I raising my child right? Know that with all the responsibilities you have, it … [lire la suite]

why charity is important in islam 5 inspiring hadith on giving alms

Why Charity is Important in Islam – 5 Inspiring Hadith on giving alms

What is Charity in Islam? ‘Who is he that will loan Allah a beautiful loan which Allah will double unto his credit and multiply it many times?’ [2:245] Giving is a beautiful habit, and it becomes more thoughtful when given away in the name of Allah. This concept teaches us … [lire la suite]

israeli court approves eviction of eight palestinian villages

Israeli court approves eviction of eight Palestinian villages

On Thursday, Israeli forces attacked the Al-Aqsa mosque compound in occupied East Jerusalem, leaving 16 Palestinians injured and dozens arrested, Al Jazeera reported. According to the Sama al-Quds medical center, injured Palestinians got 14 fractures due to rubber bullets and tear gas suffocation. The Red Crescent reported that two people … [lire la suite]

iftar meals around the world pictorial view

Iftar Meals Around the World – Pictorial View

Ramadan, the ninth month of the Islamic lunar calendar, is one of the most sacred months for Muslims worldwide. Allah Subhanahu wa’ ta’ala assigned this Holy month to His followers, so they practiced fasting, worshipping, and reflecting. This month has another significance as the Holy Quran was revealed to the … [lire la suite]

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