Laylatul-Qadr: Last Ten Nights of Ramadan 2023

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laylatul qadr last ten nights of ramadan 2023

Laylatul-Qadr: Last Ten Nights of Ramadan 2023

Ramadan is, the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, considered one of the holiest months for Muslims worldwide. During this month, Muslims observe fasts from dawn till dusk, refrain from indulging in worldly desires, and spend most of their time praying and reflecting. One of the most important aspects of … [lire la suite]

168 intermittent fasting 7 day meal plan

16/8 Intermittent Fasting 7-day Meal Plan

Intermittent fasting has become the talk of the town, and for a good reason! This diet pattern involves alternating periods of fasting and eating and has been shown to have various health benefits that are sure to pique your interest. 16/8 Intermittent Fasting 7-day Meal Plan Who doesn’t want to … [lire la suite]

the ultimate guide to intermittent fasting

The Ultimate Guide to Intermittent Fasting

Are you tired of trying to lose weight without success? Do you want to know how to lose weight fast in 2 weeks? Have you tried every diet plan on the market but still can’t seem to shed those extra pounds? Fear not, because intermittent fasting could be the solution … [lire la suite]

why do muslims fast

Why do Muslims Fast?

Imagine waking up before dawn, feeling a rumble in your stomach, but knowing you can’t eat or drink anything until sunset. This is the experience of millions of Muslims around the world during the holy month of Ramadan. Why do Muslims Fast? But why do they do it? Well, fasting … [lire la suite]

when to expect moon sighting for ramadan 2023 in saudi arabia

When to Expect Moon Sighting for Ramadan 2023 in Saudi Arabia

The expected date for the start of Ramadan 2023 in Saudi Arabia is Tuesday, April 4th, 2023, corresponding to the 1st day of Ramadan 1444 AH. However, the exact start date of Ramadan 2023 in Saudi Arabia and other countries are subject to the sighting of the moon. The moon … [lire la suite]

how to keep a conversation going

How to Keep a Conversation Going

Engaging in conversation with others is an essential part of our daily lives. Communication is the key to building relationships, expressing ideas, and conveying emotions, whether with friends, family, colleagues, or strangers. However, keeping a conversation going can be challenging for some people, particularly when meeting new people or discussing … [lire la suite]

how to be respectful to your parents

How to Be Respectful to Your Parents

Respect is a fundamental aspect of Muslim culture and is highly emphasized in Islam. One of the most significant relationships that require the utmost respect is the one between a child and their parents. As a Muslim, it is essential to know the significance of being respectful towards parents, as … [lire la suite]

allahs signs in the universe an islamic perspective

Allah’s Signs in the Universe: An Islamic Perspective

Allah’s Signs in the Universe: An Islamic Perspective As Muslims, we believe everything in the universe is a creation of Allah, the Almighty. Every aspect of the universe reflects Allah’s power, wisdom, and beauty, from the vast galaxies and stars to the smallest atoms and molecules. In the Quran, Allah … [lire la suite]

what is light language

What is Light Language?

Do you know what Light Language is? Perhaps you came across a video or blog piece online, or someone casually brought it up. We’ll examine what Light Language is, where it came from, and how it might be applied in this blog. What is Light Language? A form of communication … [lire la suite]

whats an intuitive personality

What’s an Intuitive Personality?

What’s an Intuitive Personality?  Intuition is like having a secret superpower that’s hiding inside of you! It’s that feeling in your gut, that little voice in your head, or that sense of knowing that can guide you in making decisions, solving problems, or navigating life’s twists and turns. Sometimes, your … [lire la suite]

10 examples of personal goals in life

10 Examples of Personal Goals in Life

Strengthening the relationship with Allah  This is the ultimate goal for every Muslim, to increase their faith, perform their religious obligations, and be mindful of Allah in every aspect of their life. Strengthening the relationship with Allah is like building a bridge between yourself and the Almighty. It’s the ultimate … [lire la suite]

dua for breaking fast ramadan guide

Dua for Breaking Fast – Ramadan Guide

Ramadan is a month of fasting, prayer, and reflection for Muslims worldwide. During this holy month, Muslims abstain from food and drink from dawn until sunset as an act of worship and to seek forgiveness from Allah. It is a time of self-reflection, self-improvement, and spiritual rejuvenation. As the month … [lire la suite]

99 names of allah swt asma ul husna

99 Names of Allah SWT – Asma-ul-Husna

The 99 names of Allah SWT, also known as the Asmaul Husna, are the attributes and qualities used to describe Allah in Islamic tradition. Each name reflects a particular aspect of Allah’s nature and helps Muslims better understand and connect with Him. 99 Names of Allah SWT – Asma-ul-Husna Here … [lire la suite]

understanding the 7 pillars of imaan in islam

Understanding the 7 Pillars of Imaan in Islam

The 7 Pillars of Imaan, also known as the articles of faith, are the core beliefs of Muslims. These beliefs are derived from the Quran and Hadith (sayings of the Prophet Muhammad) and form the foundation of Islamic theology. Understanding the 7 Pillars of Imaan is essential for Muslims as … [lire la suite]

what does allahu akbar mean in english

What does Allahu Akbar Mean in English

Allahu Akbar: Understanding the Meaning and Context of the Phrase « Allahu Akbar » is a phrase commonly heard in the Islamic world. It is repeated several times during the call to prayer, and Muslims often use it during prayer and other religious ceremonies. However, despite its prevalence in Islamic culture, the … [lire la suite]

istikhara dua istikhara prayer guide

Istikhara Dua & Istikhara Prayer (Guide)

Istikhara is a prayer that Muslims perform when seeking guidance from Allah (SWT) regarding a decision or choice that they need to make. It is a way of asking for Allah’s help in making the right choice and seeking His guidance and blessings in the matter. The Prophet Muhammad (peace … [lire la suite]

tabarakallah meaning in arabic english

Tabarakallah Meaning In Arabic & English

Tabarakallah meaning « Tabarakallah » (تبارك الله) is an Arabic phrase commonly used by Muslims to express admiration or appreciation for something that is considered to be a blessing or a good thing that comes from Allah (God). The word « tabarak » is derived from the root « baraka, » which means « blessing ». « Tabarakallah » is … [lire la suite]

ayatul kursi english arabic translation

Ayatul Kursi – English & Arabic Translation

One of the most cherished and revered verses in the Holy Quran is Ayatul Kursi. The second chapter of the Quran, Surah Al-Baqarah, contains 255 verses, the 255th of which is called the Throne Verse. It is said to be one of the most potent lines in the Quran and … [lire la suite]

8 reasons why personal development is important

8 Reasons Why Personal Development is Important

Personal development is continuously improving oneself through learning, growth, and self-awareness. It involves developing skills, attitudes, and behaviors to help individuals reach their full potential and achieve their personal and professional goals. Here are eight reasons why personal development is essential: 8 Reasons Why Personal Development is Important Self-awareness: Personal … [lire la suite]

dua for stress anxiety and depression

Dua for Stress, Anxiety, and Depression

In Islam, anxiety is recognized as a normal human emotion that can arise from various sources, such as stress, fear, and uncertainty. However, excessive anxiety or worry that interferes with a person’s ability to function can be considered an illness or disorder, and Islam encourages people to seek professional help … [lire la suite]

tawbah repentance astaghfaar salat ul tawbah

Tawbah – Repentance – Astaghfaar – Salat-ul-Tawbah

Tawbah is an Arabic word that means repentance or turning back to Allah. In Islamic theology, tawbah refers to the act of recognizing and regretting one’s sins, seeking forgiveness from Allah, and having a firm intention to abstain from those sins in the future. The concept of tawbah is an … [lire la suite]

10 prophet muhammads companions who were promised jannah

10 Prophet Muhammad’s Companions Who Were Promised Jannah

The ten companions of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) who were promised Paradise are known as the « Ashara Mubashara » (the ten promised). Their respective names are as follows: 10 Prophet Muhammad’s Companions Who Were Promised Jannah  Abu Bakr As-Siddiq   Umar Al-Faruq   Uthman Ibn Affan   Ali Ibn Abi Talib  … [lire la suite]

rulings on aqiqah for baby boys and girls

Rulings on Aqiqah for Baby Boys and Girls

Aqiqah is an Islamic tradition of sacrificing an animal, typically a sheep or a goat, in gratitude and celebration of a newborn baby. It is considered a Sunnah [tradition of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)] and is considered a form of worship and charity in Islam. The meat … [lire la suite]

what does mashaallah mean in arabic

What Does MashaAllah Mean in Arabic?

As humans, specifically Muslims, we must remind ourselves of the countless blessings of Allah (SWT). In good or bad times, we should show patience and thank Him for protecting us. One way of being thankful is saying Alhamdulillah, whereas, to show gratitude, we must say MashaAllah more often. MashaAllah is … [lire la suite]

what is alhamdulillah its meaning and significance

What is Alhamdulillah – Its Meaning and Significance

Allah SWT has blessed us with countless blessings, and as Muslims, we should thank Him for every little bounty He has given us. Alhamdulillah is just one way to be grateful for our Lord’s gifts and remember him while enjoying the luxuries of life. What is Alhamdulillah – Its Meaning … [lire la suite]

how to pray during travel a complete guide

How to Pray During Travel: A Complete Guide

Muslim travelers must plan their journeys smoothly, from getting halal food to praying in places that may have constrained space and different time zones. Depending on our own preparations, these things can make the experience smooth or challenging. Alhamdulillah, one of the virtues of Islam is that it offers substitutes … [lire la suite]

understanding the true meaning of bismillah

Understanding the True Meaning of Bismillah

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم The standard translation: « In the name of God, most Gracious, most Merciful. »  Meaning of Bismillah  Saying « Bismillah » before beginning something means you’re saying, « I start this activity with the name of Allah, or I’m asking for help from Allah, and I’m seeking blessings by doing so. » … [lire la suite]

dua for entering home and dua for leaving home

Dua for Entering Home and Dua for leaving home

In Islam, we have a du’a or supplication for almost every action or deed. Such supplications are meant to add barakah (God’s blessing) to our daily activities. Reciting any du’a or supplication takes some seconds or a minute at most. Muslims should customarily recite du’a before any activity. One such … [lire la suite]

why is pork forbidden in islam

Why is pork forbidden in Islam?

Muslims who live in the West struggle with this problem a lot. It gets more difficult for them to find halal meat, determine whether animals were slaughtered according to the shariah and whether the food they purchase processed contains pork. In gelatin, processed pork can also be found in various … [lire la suite]

women behind mawadda a hygienic hijab for muslim healthcare workers

Women Behind Mawadda: a Hygienic Hijab for Muslim Healthcare Workers

To protect Muslim hospital staff and employees, healthcare specialists Yasmin Samatar and Faraoli Adam set out to create a specific variety of hygienic hijabs. reports that the two ladies, who are both 29 years old, identified a gap in the market when they learned that Muslim women like themselves … [lire la suite]

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