What time does Asr begin?

what time does asr begin
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As one of the five obligatory daily prayers in Islam, the Asr prayer holds great significance for Muslims around the world. Observing prayers at their designated times is essential to the Islamic faith. In this blog, we will delve into the specific timing of the Asr prayer, exploring when it begins and shedding light on the factors that influence its starting time.

What time does Asr begin?

The Timing of Asr Prayer

The Asr prayer is performed in the afternoon after the sun has passed its zenith (highest point). It is generally divided into two main categories: Asr al-Awwal (early Asr) and Asr al-Kubra (late Asr). The specific starting time for Asr prayer may vary depending on the geographical location and the calculation method followed by different Islamic schools of thought.

Calculation Methods

Two calculation methods are used to determine the timing of Asr prayer: the standard method and the Hanafi method. The standard method follows the principle of calculating the Asr prayer time when the shadow of an object is equal to its length plus the length of the object’s shadow at noon. This calculation is based on the hadith (sayings) of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

On the other hand, the Hanafi method is followed by a significant number of Muslims, primarily those adhering to the Hanafi school of thought. According to this method, the Asr prayer time begins when the length of the object’s shadow is twice its length, plus the length of the shadow at noon.

Factors Influencing the Starting Time

Various factors, including geographical location, season, and the sun’s angle, can influence the starting time of Asr prayer. Since the length of the shadow changes throughout the day due to the sun’s movement, the precise time of Asr prayer may vary accordingly.

Additionally, some regions may experience differences in twilight durations, which can affect the calculation of Asr prayer timing. This is particularly evident in locations closer to the poles, where the length of daylight varies significantly throughout the year.

Seeking Local Guidance

Given the variations in calculation methods and the impact of geographical factors, it is advisable for Muslims to seek local guidance or refer to reliable Islamic sources specific to their region. Local mosques, Islamic centers, or reputable Islamic websites can provide accurate information regarding the starting time of Asr prayer in a particular area.

The Significance of Timely Prayer

Observing prayers at their prescribed times is of utmost importance in Islam. It signifies a believer’s devotion, discipline, and commitment to the worship of Allah. Timely performance of prayers allows individuals to establish a strong connection with their Creator and seek His guidance and blessings throughout the day.


The Asr prayer, an integral part of the Islamic faith, holds a specific timing that varies based on factors such as location and calculation method. Muslims should strive to be aware of the accurate starting time of Asr prayer in their respective regions, seeking guidance from reliable sources. Observing prayers at their designated times is a cherished practice, fostering spiritual growth and strengthening the bond between the individual and Allah. May we all strive to fulfill our religious obligations with devotion and sincerity.

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