When night falls and the children play outside

When night falls and the children play outside

Here is an authentic reminder on when night falls and the children play outside. It is not specified invocation in specific terms for this case.

Reminder n°267

The reminder in Arabic:

إذَا كَانَ جُنْحُ اللَّيْل – أوْ أمْسَيْتُم – فَكُفُّوا صِبْيَانَكُمْ؛ فَإنَّ الشَّيَاطِيْنَ تَنْتَشِرُ حِيْنَئَذٍ، فَإذَا ذَهَبَ سَاعَةٌ مِنَ اللَّيْلِ فَخَلُّوهُمْ، وَأغْلقُوا الأبْوَابَ، وَاذْكُرُوا اسْمَ اللهِ؛ فَإنَّ الشَّيْطَانَ لَا يَفْتَحُ بَابًا مُغْلَقًا، وَ أوْكُوا قِرَبَكُمْ، وَاذْكُرُوا اسْمَ اللهِ، وَ خَمِّرُوا آنِيَتَكُمْ وَاذْكُرُوا اسْمَ اللهِ، وَ لَوْ أنْ تَعْرِضُوا عَلَيْهَا شَيْئًا، وَ أطْفِئُوا مَصَابِيْحَكُمْ

The reminder in English:

« When night falls, restrain your children (from going out) because at such time the devils spread about. After a period of time has passed, land them be. Shut your doors and mention Allah's name, for verily the devil does not open a shut door, tie up your water-skins and mention Allah's name, cover your vessels with anything and mention Allah's name and put out your lamps. »

Source : al-Bukhari (#5623, 10/88) and Muslim (#2012, 3/1595).

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