Supplication during a session or a gathering

Dua during a session or a gathering

Here is an authentic During a session or a gathering invocation. The dua is available in Arabic, French and phonetic. You can also listen to or download the dua During a session or a gathering, in mp3.

Dua n°195

The dua in Arabic:

رَبِّ اغْفِرْ لي، وَتُبْ عَلَـيَّ، إِنَّكَ أَنْتَ التَّوَّابُ الغَفُورُ

The invocation in english:

« O my Lord, forgive me and turn towards me (to accept my repentance). Verily You are the Oft-Returning, the Oft-Forgiving. »

The dhikr in phonetics:

Rabbi ghfir lî wa toub 'alayya. Innaka anta t-tawwâbou-l-ghafoûr.

Dua Mp3 Duration Listen Download
Supplication n°195 00:06

Source : at-Tirmidhi (#3432). Also see Sahih at-Tirmidhi (3/153) and Sahih Ibn Majah (2/321).

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