Conditions of Salat

List of Conditions of Salat

Before you even begin to pray and go into details, you must first know the conditions of the prayer. If any of the following 5 conditions are not met, we can not talk about prayer. A condition is external to the practice while a pillar is internal.

1) Respect the legal time of prayer

Allah says:

{ Prayer remains a prescription for believers at fixed times. } [Surah 4 - Verse 103]

2) Ritual purification (al wudu)

The Prophet (sallallahu 'alayhi wa sallam) said, " Allah does not have a prayer fulfilled without purification. » [Reported by the 5]

3) The purity of the body, the habit and the place of prayer

One does not pray with an impurity on one's clothes (urine, blood ..) for example. Similarly, if the place where you want to make your salat is defiled by impurity, you must first clean the place if possible, if not find another place to pray.

4) Wear adequate clothes

Allah says in the Qur'an:

{ O children of Adam, wear your adornment (your clothes) in every place of prayer. } [Surah 7 - Verse 31]

The man must hide the part of his body between the navel and the knees. The woman, all her body except the face and hands. In the Hanafites, the woman does not need to cover her feet to pray.

5) Go to Qibla (the Ka'ba)

Allah also says:

{ Wherever you are, turn your faces there. } [Surah 2 - Verse 144]

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Wed 24 Shawwal
الأربعاء 24 شوّال

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