What does « astaghfirullah » mean ?

Meaning of « astaghfir allah »

That means : I ask Allah for forgiveness. This formula is also called the istighfar (the request for forgiveness). Astaghfirou means: I ask forgiveness. Astaghfirou Allah, I ask forgiveness to Allah. We also find the formula astaghfirullah al azeemim which means I ask forgiveness to Allah the Immense. The prophet (sallallahu alayhi wa sallam) used to repeat the istighfar formula more than 100 times a day.

Here are the main spellings of this word :

  • astaghfirullah
  • astaghfir allah
  • astaghfirullah al azeem

How to pronounce « astaghfir allah » ?

The exact pronunciation is astaghfiroullah.

How to write « astaghfiroullah » in arabic ?

We write : استغفر الله

When to say « astaghfiroullah » ?

  • To ask Allah's forgiveness
  • After committing a sin
  • Anytime to do dhikr

List of Islamic expressions :

Sat 26 Dhul Qi'dah
السبت 26 ذو القعدة

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