What does « allah akbar » mean ?

Meaning of « allahu akbar »

That means : Allah is the greatest, God is the greatest. He is above everything. It is also the expression by which one starts the prayer for example. We raise our hands backward to put all this world and what it contains behind us and to devote ourselves only to Him.

Here are the main spellings of this word :

  • allah akbar
  • allahu akbar
  • allah hu akbar
  • allah ho akbar

How to pronounce « allahu akbar » ?

The exact pronunciation is allahou akbar.

How to write « allahou akbar » in arabic ?

We write : الله أكبر

When to say « allahou akbar » ?

  • When calling for prayer
  • At different times during prayer
  • When we want to proclaim the greatness of Allah
  • When facing the enemy during the war
  • Anytime to do dhikr

List of Islamic expressions :

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الثلاثاء 14 ذو الحجة

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