Dire al hamdoulillah ou astaghfiroullah après avoir roté

Beaucoup de personnes demandent pardon à Allah (astaghfiroullah) ou louent Allah (al hamdoulillah) après avoir rôté. Est-ce rapporté dans les textes ou est-ce une innovation (bid'ah) ?
dire al hamdoulillah ou astaghfiroullah apres avoir rote
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Burping is the act of releasing air from the stomach, which can produce a loud sound depending on the amount of air expelled. This typically occurs after eating or drinking a carbonated beverage. Although some individuals can voluntarily burp, the world record for the longest burp is held by an American who ejected for 18 seconds after consuming over 7 liters of soda. However, let’s return to the original topic.

Nothing in the Sunnah indicates that the Muslim must say something after roasting. No dhikr is specified, nor praising Allah, asking for forgiveness, or other words. A man burped in front of the Prophet (sallallahu alayhi wa sallam), and he did not tell him to say anything after burping. In a hadith reported by At-Tirmidhi, he simply replied: « Spare us your burps because those who in this world are the most full will on the day of judgment be the longest torn by hunger. »

Can you say « al hamdoulillah » after burping?

If someone chooses to regularly praise Allah in all situations, including when enjoying a full meal which is seen as a blessing from Allah, there is no issue with it. However, if they believe that such an act is necessary in Islam and will bring them closer to Allah, there is no evidence to support this belief. It is not a prescribed practice in Islam.


sam. 14 Mouharram
السبت 14 محرّم

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