Comment calculer et déterminer l’heure du dernier tiers de la nuit ?

comment determiner lheure du dernier tiers de la nuit
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How to Calculate Tahajjud During the Last Third of the Night

To determine the last third of the night, divide 3 the duration between the call to prayer of al maghrib and al fajr (as-Sadiq). For al fajr, it is the second adhan for Muslim countries because the first is usually done between 30 and 60 minutes before.

We thus obtain 3 thirds: the first, the second, and the last third. There is no distinction between the days of the year. The calculation is the same regardless of the period for all nights.

To get the second half of the night, it’s the same principle. The period between al maghrib and al fajr is divided into 2 parts.

What is Tahajjud?

Tahajjud, also known as the « Night Prayer, » is a voluntary act of worship observed by Muslims in the latter part of the night. The most spiritually significant time for Tahajjud is the last third of the night when it is believed that Allah’s mercy and blessings are especially abundant. Calculating the exact time for Tahajjud during the last third of the night requires understanding the Islamic lunar calendar and some basic time calculations.

1. Understanding the Last Third of the Night:

The concept of the last third of the night is rooted in Islamic traditions. It refers to the final portion of the night, divided into three equal parts after sunset and before dawn. This time is considered especially auspicious for supplication, reflection, and worship, such as Tahajjud.

2. Calculating the Last Third of the Night:

To calculate the last third of the night, you’ll need to determine the time between sunset (Maghrib) and sunrise (Fajr) and then divide that duration by three. The resulting time will represent the last third of the night.

3. Using a Tahajjud Time Calculator:

In the modern digital age, various online tools and mobile applications are available that can assist in calculating Tahajjud’s time. These calculators take your location, the date, and the convention of your preferred Islamic juristic method into account to provide an accurate estimate of the last third of the night.

4. Tahajjud Time Calculator Features:

Most Tahajjud time calculators offer features such as automatic location detection, customization based on juristic methods (Hanafi, Shafi’i, Maliki, or Hanbali), and the option to receive alerts when the last third of the night approaches. Some calculators also consider the variation in the length of days throughout the year due to changes in the sunrise and sunset times.

5. Steps to Calculate Tahajjud Time:

If you prefer to calculate Tahajjud time manually, follow these steps:

  1. Determine the time between sunset (Maghrib) and sunrise (Fajr).
  2. Divide this time by three.
  3. Add the resulting duration to the time of Fajr (dawn).
  4. This will give you the approximate starting time for the last third of the night.

6. Spiritual Significance of Tahajjud:

Tahajjud is not merely a mechanical practice of waking up at a specific time. It’s a time for deep reflection, self-purification, and heartfelt supplication. Muslims believe that worshiping during the last third of the night is a way to seek closeness to Allah and attain spiritual elevation.


Calculating Tahajjud time during the last third of the night is a meaningful endeavor that allows Muslims to connect intimately with the Divine. Whether through manual calculations or modern digital tools, the focus remains on the spiritual benefits and growth that come from dedicating oneself to worship during this blessed time.

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