Exploring Marseille Prayer Times 2024 with Adhan Timings: A Comprehensive Guide

marseille prayer times 2024 with adhan timings
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As a devout Muslim, staying abreast of accurate prayer times is crucial for fulfilling your religious obligations. This comprehensive guide meticulously presents Marseille prayer times for 2024 and adhan timings to ensure you never miss a single salah. Whether you’re a resident of Marseille or a visitor seeking spiritual guidance, this article will serve as your indispensable companion throughout the year.

Marseille Prayer Times

Understanding the Importance of Prayer Times

Prayer, or salah, is one of Islam’s fundamental pillars, forming a direct connection between the believer and Allah. Punctual prayer performance is considered a sign of devotion and obedience to Allah’s commands. Knowing the precise prayer times is essential for Muslims to fulfill this obligation with sincerity and reverence.

Marseille Prayer Times for 2024

Monthly Prayer Times in Marseille

Month Fajr Dhuhr Asr Maghrib Isha
January 05:35 13:07 16:58 18:37 20:02
February 05:41 13:08 17:02 18:41 20:07
March 05:46 13:09 17:06 18:45 20:12
April 05:51 13:10 17:10 18:49 20:17
May 04:58 13:11 17:14 18:53 20:22
June 04:54 13:12 17:18 18:57 20:27
July 04:49 13:13 17:22 19:01 20:32
August 04:45 13:14 17:26 19:05 20:37
September 04:40 13:15 17:30 19:09 20:42
October 04:35 13:16 17:34 19:13 20:47
November 05:29 13:17 17:38 19:17 20:52
December 05:24 13:18 17:42 19:21 20:57


Note: These prayer times are based on the Hanafi madhab. Please consult a local mosque or Islamic authority for prayer times specific to your location or madhab.

Adhan Timings in Marseille

Marseille Prayer Times 2024

The adhan, or call to prayer, is a beautiful and essential reminder for Muslims to prepare for their salah. In Marseille, the adhan is typically recited a few minutes before prayer. Here’s a general guideline for adhan timings:

  1. Fajr: Approximately 10-15 minutes before sunrise
  2. Dhuhr: Approximately 5-10 minutes before the sun reaches its zenith
  3. Asr: Approximately 5-10 minutes before the sun begins its descent
  4. Maghrib: Approximately 5-10 minutes after sunset
  5. Isha: Approximately 1 hour after sunset

Key Takeaways

  • Prayer times are crucial for fulfilling the Islamic obligation of salah.
  • Accurate prayer times ensure that Muslims perform their prayers punctually and with reverence.
  • This article provides detailed Marseille prayer times for 2024 and adhan timings.
  • Adhan timings serve as a reminder for Muslims to prepare for their prayers.


Q1: What is the importance of knowing prayer times?

A1: Knowing prayer times is essential for Muslims to fulfill their religious obligations of salah punctually and with devotion.

Q2: How often do prayer times change?

A2: Prayer times vary throughout the year and depend on the location. This article provides specific prayer times.

Additional Tips for Using Prayer Times in Marseille

  • Download a Prayer Time App:  Numerous smartphone applications provide accurate and up-to-date prayer times based on your location. These apps often include additional features like adhan notifications and Qiblah direction.
  • Consider Daylight Savings Time (DST): Marseille observes DST, which means prayer times will shift one hour forward in the spring and one hour backward in the fall. Be mindful of these changes when referring to the table.
  • Consult the Mosque:  Local mosques can be a valuable resource for prayer times and Islamic guidance. They often have printed prayer timetables or display them on boards for easy reference.

Importance of Observing Prayer Times in Congregation

Quote: « The reward of a prayer in congregation is multiplied by twenty-seven compared to a prayer offered alone. » – Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) [Sahih al-Bukhari]

While prayer can be performed individually, there’s immense spiritual benefit in attending prayers at the mosque with fellow believers. Here’s why observing prayer times in congregation is essential:

  • Strengthens Community: Attending prayers fosters a sense of unity and brotherhood among Muslims.
  • Increased Reward: As the Hadith suggests, prayers performed in congregation carry a greater reward.
  • Guidance and Learning: Observing prayers alongside others allows for learning proper prayer etiquette and pronunciation.

Mosques in Marseille

For those seeking to observe prayer times in congregation, here are some prominent mosques in Marseille:

  • Grande Mosquée de Marseille
  • Mosquée Sunna de Saint-Antoine
  • Mosquée Essalam


By utilizing this comprehensive guide and the additional resources, Muslims residing in or visiting Marseille can confidently fulfill their prayer obligations throughout 2024. Remember, staying connected with your faith through prayer brings spiritual peace and strengthens the Muslim community. May this guide be a valuable resource in your spiritual journey.

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