99 Names of Allah SWT – Asma-ul-Husna

99 names of allah swt asma ul husna
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The 99 names of Allah SWT, also known as the Asmaul Husna, are the attributes and qualities used to describe Allah in Islamic tradition. Each name reflects a particular aspect of Allah’s nature and helps Muslims better understand and connect with Him.

99 Names of Allah SWT – Asma-ul-Husna

Here are some of the significances of the 99 names of Allah: 

  • Understanding Allah’s nature: The 99 names of Allah provide Muslims with a deeper understanding of Allah’s nature and attributes. Muslims can better understand Allah’s mercy, compassion, justice, and wisdom through the names. 
  • Praising Allah: Muslims often recite the 99 names of Allah as a form of praise and worship. The recitation of these names is considered a form of dhikr (remembrance of Allah) and is believed to bring blessings and spiritual benefits. 
  • Seeking forgiveness: The 99 names of Allah also provide a means for Muslims to seek forgiveness and repentance. Many of the names reflect Allah’s mercy and forgiveness, and reciting these names can help Muslims to seek Allah’s forgiveness and guidance. 
  • Protection and supplication: Some of the names of Allah are believed to offer protection and supplication, such as Al-Hafiz (the Guardian), Al-Mu’min (the Faithful), and Al-Mujeeb (the Responsive). Muslims may recite these names for protection from harm and to seek Allah’s guidance and support. 
  • Reflecting on Allah’s unity: The 99 names of Allah reflect the oneness and unity of Allah. Muslims believe that Allah has no partners and that all of His attributes are interconnected and reflect His ultimate power and wisdom. 

The 99 names of Allah are a central aspect of Islam and are used by Muslims worldwide for worship, reflection, and spiritual growth. Below we have listed all the 99 names of Allah (Asma-ulHusna):

  1. الرحمن (Ar-Rahman): The Most Merciful 
  2. الرحيم (Ar-Rahim): The Most Compassionate 
  3. الملك (Al-Malik): The King, The Sovereign 
  4. القدوس (Al-Quddus): The Holy, The Pure 
  5. السلام (As-Salam): The Source of Peace 
  6. المؤمن (Al-Mu’min): The Faithful, The Guardian of Faith 
  7. المهيمن (Al-Muhaymin): The Protector, The Preserver 
  8. العزيز (Al-Aziz): The Almighty, The Invincible 
  9. الجبار (Al-Jabbar): The Compeller, The Restorer 
  10. المتكبر (Al-Mutakabbir): The Majestic, The Supreme 
  11. الخالق (Al-Khaliq): The Creator 
  12. البارئ (Al-Bari’): The Maker, The Inventor 
  13. المصور (Al-Musawwir): The Fashioner, The Shaper 
  14. الغفار (Al-Ghaffar): The Forgiver, The Concealer of Faults 
  15. القهار (Al-Qahhar): The Subduer, The Dominant 
  16. الوهاب (Al-Wahhab): The Bestower, The Giver of Gifts 
  17. الرزاق (Ar-Razzaq): The Provider, The Sustainer 
  18. الفتاح (Al-Fattah): The Opener, The Revealer 
  19. العليم (Al-‘Alim): The All-Knowing, The Omniscient 
  20. القابض (Al-Qabid): The Restrainer, The Constrictor 
  21. الباسط (Al-Basit): The Extender, The Expander 
  22. الخافض (Al-Khafid): The Abaser, The Humbler 
  23. الرافع (Ar-Rafi’): The Exalter, The Elevator 
  24. المعز (Al-Mu’izz): The Giver of Honor, The Bestower of Dignity 
  25. المذل (Al-Mudhill): The Humiliator, The Degrader 
  26. السميع (As-Sami’): The All-Hearing, The Hearer of All 
  27. البصير (Al-Basir): The All-Seeing, The Seer of All 
  28. الحكم (Al-Hakam): The Judge, The Arbitrator 
  29. العدل (Al-‘Adl): The Just, The Equitable 
  30. اللطيف (Al-Latif): The Gentle, The Subtle 
  31. الخبير (Al-Khabir): The All-Aware, The Acquainted 
  32. الحليم (Al-Halim): The Forbearing, The Clement 
  33. العظيم (Al-‘Azim): The Magnificent, The Infinite 
  34. الغفور (Al-Ghafur): The Forgiving, The Absolver 
  35. الشكور (Ash-Shakur): The Grateful, The Appreciative 
  36. العلى (Al-‘Ali): The Highest, The Exalted 
  37. الكبير (Al-Kabir): The Great, The Grand 
  38. الحفيظ (Al-Hafiz): The Protector, The Guardian 
  39. المقيت (Al-Muqit): The Sustainer, The Nourisher 
  40. الحسيب (Al-Hasib): The Reckoner, The Accounter 
  41. الجليل (Al-Jalil): The Majestic, The Glorious 
  42. الكريم (Al-Karim): The Generous, The Bountiful 
  43. الرقيب (Ar-Raqib): The Watchful, The Vigilant 
  44. المجيب (Al-Mujib): The Responder, The Answerer 
  45. الواسع (Al-Wasi’): The All-Encompassing, The Boundless 
  46. الحكيم (Al-Hakim): The Wise, The Judge of Judges 
  47. الودود (Al-Wadud): The Loving, The Affectionate 
  48. المجيد (Al-Majid): The Glorious, The Illustrious 
  49. الباعث (Al-Ba’ith): The Resurrector, The Raiser of the Dead 
  50. الشهيد (Ash-Shahid): The Witness, The Martyr 
  51. الحق (Al-Haqq): The Truth, The Reality 
  52. الوكيل (Al-Wakil): The Trustee, The Advocate 
  53. القوي (Al-Qawi): The Strong, The Most Powerful 
  54. المتين (Al-Matin): The Firm, The Steadfast 
  55. الولي (Al-Wali): The Friend, The Patron 
  56. الحميد (Al-Hamid): The Praiseworthy, The Commendable 
  57. المحصى (Al-Muhsi): The Reckoner, The Counter 
  58. المبدئ (Al-Mubdi’): The Originator, The Beginner 
  59. المعيد (Al-Mu’id): The Restorer, The Reinstater 
  60. المحيي (Al-Muhyi): The Giver of Life, The Resurrector 
  61. المميت (Al-Mumit): The Taker of Life, The Destroyer 
  62. الحي (Al-Hayy): The Living, The Everlasting 
  63. القيوم (Al-Qayyum): The Sustainer, The Self-Subsisting 
  64. الواجد (Al-Wajid): The Finder, The Rich 
  65. الماجد (Al-Majid): The Glorious, The Majestic 
  66. الواحد (Al-Wahid): The One, The Unique 
  67. الأحد (Al-Ahad): The Singular, The Absolute 
  68. الصمد (As-Samad): The Eternal, The Absolute 
  69. القادر (Al-Qadir): The All-Powerful, The Omnipotent 
  70. المقتدر (Al-Muqtadir): The Dominant, The All-Powerful 
  71. المقدم (Al-Muqaddim): The Expediter, The Promoter 
  72. المؤخر (Al-Mu’akhkhir): The Delayer, The Retarder 
  73. الأول (Al-Awwal): The First, The Beginning 
  74. الأخر (Al-Akhir): The Last, The Endless 
  75. الظاهر (Az-Zahir): The Manifest, The Evident 
  76. الباطن (Al-Batin): The Hidden, The Unseen 
  77. الوالي (Al-Wali): The Governor, The Protector 
  78. المتعالي (Al-Muta’ali): The Most High, The Supreme 
  79. البر (Al-Barr): The Source of Goodness, The Righteous 
  80. التواب (At-Tawwab): The Accepter of Repentance, The Forgiver 
  81. المنتقم (Al-Muntaqim): The Avenger, The Retaliator 
  82. العفو (Al-‘Afuww): The Pardoner, The Forgiver 
  83. الرؤوف (Ar-Ra’uf): The Compassionate, The Merciful 
  84. مالك الملك (Malik-al-Mulk): The Owner of Sovereignty, The Ruler of Kingdoms 
  85. ذو الجلال والإكرام (Dhu-al-Jalal wa-al-Ikram): The Lord of Majesty and Generosity 
  86. المقسط (Al-Muqsit): The Just, The Equitable 
  87. الجامع (Al-Jami’): The Gatherer, The Uniter 
  88. الغني (Al-Ghani): The Self-Sufficient, The Wealthy 
  89. المغني (Al-Mughni): The Enricher, The Sufficer 
  90. المانع (Al-Mani’): The Preventer, The Withholder 
  91. الضار (Ad-Darr): The Harmful, The Afflictor 
  92. النافع (An-Nafi’): The Beneficial, The Profitable 
  93. النور (An-Nur): The Light, The Illuminator 
  94. الهادي (Al-Hadi): The Guide, The Leader 
  95. البديع (Al-Badi’): The Incomparable, The Originator of Beauty 
  96. الباقي (Al-Baqi): The Everlasting, The Eternal 
  97. الوارث (Al-Warith): The Inheritor, The Heir 
  98. الرشيد (Ar-Rashid): The Guide to the Right Path, The Righteous Teacher 
  99. الصبور (As-Sabur): The Patient, The Enduring.
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