Companions of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH): Asma bint Abu Bakr

companions of the prophet muhammad pbuh asma bint abu bakr
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Asma bint Abu Bakr was the daughter of Abu Bakr, a close companion of the Prophet Muhammad and the first caliph of Islam. She was known for her intelligence, wisdom, and righteousness and was highly respected among the early Muslim community. Asma was also known for her charitable works, including the establishment of a hospital in Medina. She was married to Abdullah ibn Zubayr, a prominent early Muslim leader and grandson of Abu Bakr, and had several children, including the famous early Muslim scholar Abdullah ibn al-Zubayr.

Asma lived through a significant political and social upheaval in the early Islamic world and witnessed many important events in the history of Islam. She was known for her strong faith and dedication to Islam principles and was respected and admired by many in the early Muslim community. Asma lived a long and fulfilling life and is remembered as an important figure in the early history of Islam.

The One with Two Waistbelts

Asma herself was one of the first to accept Islam. Only seventeen persons, including men and women, became Muslims before her. She was later given the nickname Dhat An-Nitaqayn (the One with Two Waistbelts) because of an incident connected with the departure of the Prophet and her father from Makkah on the historic Hijrah to Madinah. Asma’ was one of the few persons who knew of the Prophet’s plan to leave for Madinah. The utmost secrecy had to be maintained because of the Quraysh’s plans to murder the Prophet.

On the night of their departure, Asma’ prepared a bag of food and a water container for their journey. Not finding anything to tie the containers with, she used her waistbelt (nitaq) but followed her father’s suggestion to tear it into two. The Prophet commended her action; from then on, she became known as the One with the Two Waistbelts. When it came to her turn to emigrate from Makkah, soon after the departure of the Prophet, Asma’ was pregnant. She did not let her pregnancy or the prospect of a long and arduous journey deter her from leaving. As soon as she reached Quba’ on the outskirts of Madinah, she gave birth to a son, ‘Abdullah. The Muslims shouted « Allahu Akbar » (Allah is the Greatest) and « La ilaha illa Allah » (There is no god but Allah) in happiness and thanksgiving because this was the first child to be born to the Muhajirun in Madinah.

Life in Medina

When her non-Muslim mother came to visit her in Medina, she asked Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) how she should greet her, and he told her to treat her with kindness and respect. Asma lived in poverty; her entire life was a struggle. Zubayr had nothing when he married her, just a camel and a horse. Zubayr was a dedicated warrior, and the Prophet (PBUH) gifted Zubayr, a piece of land, to benefit from. That is all they had.

Abu Bakr sent her a female maid to help her since her life was so difficult, and Asma was very relieved to help. She learned from Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) that even though she and her husband did not have much, she could give without accounting. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) once told her, « do not count, or Allah will count when He gives to you. » Her legacy looms as Abdullah’s mother, a great Caliph and martyr who governed from Mecca, and Urwa, a great scholar, narrated many hadith via Aisha (his aunt). Aisha loved her nephew so much that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) told her to take on the nickname of um Abdullah since she did not have any of her children.

Living Through Tragedy

At 100 years old, as the army of Hajaj was threatening Mecca, Abdullah asked her whether he should surrender. She told him to keep his dignity and that « a dignified strike with a sword is more beloved than the humiliating lash of a whip. » She told him if he were to become a martyr, « I would feel sad for you if you were killed in falsehood. All praise is for the One that created you as one that He loves, and I love. » She asked him to come close so she could hug and smell him, and they embraced for a long time, as they both knew it would be their farewell. He asked her to continue to make dua for him, and as he walked away, he saw and heard her as she made dua for him.

He was killed and mutilated by the Kaaba by Hajaj and was crucified. Asma went to see her son’s body, even though she knew that his soul was no longer inside the body. She demanded that his body be brought down and given a proper burial. Asma marched in to speak to Hajaj without permission. She challenged him in his face and humiliated him. Asma told him that because he had taken away Abdullah’s life, Abdallah would take away Hajaj’s afterlife. After a lifetime of worship, she died soon after the death of Abdullah.

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