A Muslim’s Guide to NewYork: Top 5 Things To Do

a muslims guide to newyork top 5 things to do
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New York is the most popular city in the world that offers something for everyone. It is the city that never sleeps. Annually, New York hosts around 60 million tourists, with more than a sixth coming from the U.S.

Organize your journey in advance. New York is a large city with a lot to see, whether you stay for a day or a week. To save time on transportation, it’s ideal to have a complete itinerary ahead of time to organize points of interest based on where they are. If you have the time, it could be preferable to organize your days according to the five boroughs.

Make arrangements for both food and prayer. Once you have a plan for the day, make sure to research nearby mosques and halal restaurants online. The majority of restaurants in NYC are attempting to indicate vegetarian and vegan alternatives on their menus clearly; you might only want to see whether anything contains alcohol.

A Muslim’s Guide to NewYork: Top 5 Things To Do

Pelham Bay Park/ Prospect Park/Flushing Meadows Corona Park:

Even though New York City is referred to be the « Concrete Jungle, » Central Park is one of the most well-known parks in the world. However, Central Park is one of many of the most famous parks in New York City. Pelham Bay Park in the Bronx, which is more than three times the size of Central Park, has that distinction. This geographical wonder features numerous wildlife sanctuaries and looks over Pelham and Eastchester Bay.

Brooklyn Botanical Garden:

One of the most amazing juxtapositions in the concrete jungle is right across the street from Prospect Park. This stunning piece of land is home to numerous specialty gardens, including the Japanese Garden, the Cranford Rose Garden, the Shakespeare Garden, the Children’s Garden, the Fragrance Garden (created especially for blind visitors), and the Bonsai Museum, is also one of the most significant cherry tree viewing locations outside of Japan.

The Islamic Cultural Center Of New York:

The ICCNY, the most well-known mosque for Muslims in New York, was founded in the 1960s, and the current structure, located in the middle of Manhattan, was finished in 1990. The mosque is regarded as one of the first mosques built in New York and was constructed with donations from different Muslim nations. It is one of the few purpose-built mosques in the city and is unquestionably worth a visit with its imposing dome and minaret.

Muslim History Tour:

Religious studies expert Katie Merriman is leading this walking tour. Since 2014, she has led free walking tours of different neighborhoods every month (March/April–October), focusing on the 400-year history of Muslims in New York. She frequently centers her tour on Harlem, guiding the participants through African Americans’ relationship with Islam and frequently coming to a finish at the Malcolm Shabazz Mosque, where Malcolm X once gave sermons.


Although the Islamic Center at NYU isn’t precisely a tourist attraction, it can be imperative to you throughout your stay there. The center, which has several prayer rooms and hosts Friday prayers, is accessible to anyone who wants to pray there. It is next to Washington Square Park, and from its prayer rooms, you can enjoy beautiful views of the Empire State Building and the park. You only need your ID to enter. It’s a huge plus that it’s next to the Lipton Dining Hall, a public, all-halal NYU dining facility.

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